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Copywriting: Why I specialised in a particular skill of marketing

Updated: May 21, 2019

When I began freelancing I had a few people close to me question why I was not offering my entire range of marketing skills through my freelance business.

It was a good question. Why spend years studying at University, more years within the corporate world building experience and knowledge and then only focus on one of those skills when I start my own business?

The answer is just as good.

And I shall quote Steve Jobs in my response.

"If you want to be the best at something, niche down to the one thing you are the best at already."

Need I say more?

Ok I will. I know that I can offer businesses an entire suite of marketing skills to assist them in their business needs, but so can everyone else who works in marketing. There are no shortage of marketing professionals, and very good ones at that, who are offering their skilled services to help businesses grow and develop. I definitely could have joined that pool of professionals and probably done very well in that space.

However taking the advice of my hero Steve Jobs, I decided to look closer to where my skills really lay. What was it that I could offer my clients as a 'premium' service? What am I 'expert' at? It was so important for me to recognise the skills that I could offer that were part of a niche set of skills where I knew I could do my best work and offer the greatest outcomes for my clients.

Writing is my thing. Design and style are my second things. So I focus on the writing and I make businesses sound good, because I know that sounding good is on an even keel to looking good. Both super important for business, and both something I absolutely love to do.

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