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Running your own business? Here is why YOU need a Copywriter.

Copywriter is not a term you come across all that often. Unless you are in the industry or work around it, or perhaps know someone who is one, it just isn’t someone you would think about consulting with on a day to day basis.

However, when you start your own business you are really thrown into the depths of a lot of different things that you never were exposed to previously. Suddenly you have a web designer asking for copy. You have an advertising budget but no idea what the ad needs to say. You want to create some flyers for your target audience but how do you even begin to cold sell? Not to mention you start to realise that for your Google ranking to be high up on the search results, you need to have content that is constantly changing on your website so you are not considered ‘stagnant’ and therefore left off the results pages.

Holy heck, before you know it… You have 1000s and 1000s of words that need to be written into articulate pieces of work and you have zero time to do it in.

This is where you may start to realise that investing in your business marketing plan is going to be so worthwhile to your growth and productivity. By investing, I don’t mean buying more products or spending more money on overpriced printing and more beautiful web designs. This is where you need to invest a certain proportion of your budget into effective writing. This is writing that actually has an effect on the people you are trying to sell to or get engagement from.

Anyone can write a blog post, an article, an advertisement… But not everyone actually knows HOW they need to be written for maximum effect.

A copywriter knows this.

Most copywriters have worked in marketing, sales or related fields for many years prior to niching down into just the copywriting aspect of the industry. This means they are extremely well-rounded professionals. They have knowledge in just about all aspects of marketing a business, gaining customers and propelling sales.

When you hire a copywriter you are not just getting someone to type up some words. You are getting someone who puts hours of thought and tactic into those words to help you reach your business objectives. Not only this, they are fast. They have done this for years and are so well versed in it, that they can whip you up a weeks’ worth of content in a day.

Here are 5 situations you may find yourself in, where a copywriter is going to make your life so much easier and stress free: (plus read on to find out how you can get a FREE SEO optimised blog post for your business)


You are a business owner now. You no longer have the luxury of clocking off at 5pm and leaving the work for the next day. You have to work after-hours, in-between family commitments, on weekends. And that is just to keep up with the emails, the to-do lists, the product shipping, the cleaning, the setting up, the physical work … on and on it goes. Then you realise that you also have to be trying to get clients/customers to your door. So you have to keep writing blog posts, articles, promotions, flyers, advertising… There is ALWAYS something that needs to be written, created, posted. Social media itself, feels like a full-time role within your business and that is sometimes true depending on your industry and where your target audience are.


As mentioned before it is important to keep your Google ranking high by having fresh and relatable content always updating on your website. You might find that you don’t even register on the first search results page and that is due to not having good SEO (search engine optimisation). This is achieved by targeted keywords throughout your website and tagging all images appropriately (among many other things). Your audience need content from you consistently and to make it worse, not all of it gets read or even seen. You suddenly realise you have nothing to send out there and very little time to create it… and you start to feel unmotivated and deflated about your businesses’ growth.


You realise you need to advertise but you have no idea how, where and what to say. You think you want a presence on social media, but you don’t know how much to spend to make it worthwhile. Contrary to popular belief, an advertising or marketing budget being allocated for your business is probably THE most important expense you can utilise. If you don’t put your faith and resources into it, you won’t get a lot in return.


You are finding yourself scrambling each day to get content out to your target audience. Which results in it being rushed, sloppy and not engaging at all. We’ve all been there! You know you need to get a decent scheduling tool to use so that this process can be streamlined and less stressful, but how do you even know where to start? And by golly what do you even create to send out there?


Anyone who starts a business understands the necessity of blogs these days. They are everywhere! You have one, but you spend so much time writing it and all the time goes to waste because not all of your posts actually get engagement anyway! Blog posting can take hours of your time, seeking topics, researching them, writing them so they are coherent and then posting them… these tasks alone can be a full days’ worth of writing for some business owners. You know you need them, but you don’t have time to complete them.

For all of these business challenges (and more!) a Copywriter can be a godsend. They can write you all the content you need and even do it so you have a 2 or 3 week (or even month long!) backlog of written and created content so all you have to do is send it to your audience! The relief of knowing you always have something to put out there, someone on your team who gets your business objectives and takes away that pressure, will let you get back the time you need to focus on your core business responsibilities.

Next time you have to think about writing for your business, consider a Copywriter. They are skilled in writing, they know what to say, they understand how to sell using words and best of all… They will work WITH you. You are not alone in this.

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