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Website design offer for small businesses

Calling all influencers, bloggers, coaches and small business retailers.

I have an offer for you!

With the devastating pandemic happening in our world right now, it is more important than ever before to start thinking about our futures. We've been forced to stop, and while this is not ideal, it is an opportunity to allocate some time to thinking!

Maybe you've had a business idea brewing for years or you've been influencing and thinking about taking it to the next level?

Is your blog starting to get quite successful and you're ready to develop more cohesive branding and get even bigger?

Is your bricks and mortar store ready to go online, now that this is a more accessible way to reach your customers right now?

Whatever your situation is, if you are looking for a solution to creating, or improving, your online presence... well, I can help!

I have created a system with my service offerings that is perfect for small businesses or entrepreneurs.

My design services are kept at affordable prices to suit those businesses who are not yet ready to invest the big dollars to have custom developed websites with intricate themes and functions.

My most recent offer is a WordPress, (or similar) website with 5 pages, including mobile optimisation (super important!) for $1200. That is the total price for these 5 pages fully designed and set up with your domain ready to go. (Please contact me if you are wanting a self-hosted site, as this is a bit of a different, more complicated process and therefore the price increases).

For eCommerce, I offer Shopify (or WordPress eCommerce themes) for $1800 in total which includes up to 10 product pages.

So, if you have been considering taking the plunge into the world of online business then don't wait! This offer is only going to be valid for the first 5 businesses! PLUS if you get in first, then you site will be ready to go within 3 weeks. EEEEK!

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