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The 3 Decjuba items you NEED in your wardrobe. NOW.

I will start by declaring that this post is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Decjuba. Honestly, I just love this brand and I am not exaggerating when I say that 90% of my wardrobe items are from Decjuba, the other 10% is underwear. And believe me, if they introduce bras and knickers, I'll be first in line at the launch.

This brand, Decjuba, has something really special about it. I'm gonna tap into my quals for a second and get marketing technical. This company has cracked the code when it comes to brand identity. They KNOW their brand. More importantly, they truly understand their customer. This is not something that a lot of brands successfully achieve, and is why about 83% of start-up fashion businesses actually fail within the first year of business (fact check: I read this somewhere and cannot find the source, so it may not be accurate. But it sounds good to make my point so let's go with it for now*)

This brand are ingenious. I mean they have created an entire community of Decjuba addicts purely because... THEY PUT OUT WHAT WE WANT.

Every. Single. Time.

They care about their customers self-image desires and they know how to make us feel comfortable, fashionable and good about ourselves in their threads.

Bravo Decjuba. Bravo. *claps hands. wipes tears from eyes*

Now...I am a fashion addict without a bulging wallet, but I do tend to splurge whatever I have in the bank that is generally earmarked for savings, on clothes. This is not something that I am ashamed of really. I only hide the receipts and tell my partner that it cost approximately $125 less than what it really did, for his own mental wellbeing. I'm caring like that.

So here we are. The top 3 Decjuba items you need to have hanging in your wardrobe NOW. In time, this may change up (probs with the next line drop) so I'm happy to keep spending time there just to give you guys these reviews. Ok? I'll take one for the team.

NUMERO UNO - I'm starting with the BEST.'s the best.


Mums, rejoice. Gals who love a donut with their coffee, rejoice. Women who were born curvy and you love it (should be all of you coz you're beautiful ok?) REJOICE.

These jeans were made for us sexy gals with those cute little muffin tops, that hipster jeans loved to accentuate back in 1998.

The soft stretch denim material and high waisted band... omg I'm drooling at the comfort level. And the extent of gut-sucking it does is 10 out of 10.

These jeans are so good for the post baby bod, I literally threw out all 29 other pairs of jeans I had in my wardrobe. Full disclosure: I definitely did have 29 pairs of jeans in my wardrobe, but I definitely DID NOT throw them out. They're just boxed up and folded Marie Kondo style...taking up space in my linen closet instead of a rack at Vinnies. I have a hard time letting go of the denims.

Get out there and get yo'self a pair of these winning hip hiders, they come in so many colours, patterns and styles. I have them in light blue, dark blue, black, and the cool 'biker' style that makes my legs look even slimmer by use of clever stitching. Yep. Really.


It took me a while to warm to this someday-will-be-a-cult-classic blazer. But holy heck balls once I realised I loved it my world changed forever. Previously a bit of a blazer snob who believed the only partner for a pair of tailored work pants was something that came from CUE, I am now a convert. The jacket don't need to cost a packet (hashtag that). This blazer is so loved by Decjuba addicts that it's resale value is on par with a second-hand Range Rover...minus about four zeros. But seriously, if you have a Carly Blazer in good used condition don't take anything less than $90 for it...It's freaking timeless.

The way it shapes the unshapely and flatters those who already have that tiny waist to curvaceous hips ratio sorted, is magician-like. It suits all body types and the clever cut draws the eyes to the smallest part of your middle. Also, I KID YOU NOT, there is a python printed one. For reals.

The true magic of the CB however, is in the versatility. I can wear this baby to work giving off a corporate vibe with zero stuffiness. Or I can team it with a skinny jean (the riley. obvs.) with a pair of stemmed boots and OHHMYGOD I feel like I could strut down the street and have people mistake me for Gigi Hadid.. if they squint and don't look directly at me.

Seriously though, its a head turner... and it makes you feel stylish as feck. Get on it.


Printed tees are not a new thang in the fashion world. The slogan tee, the one word tee and then you also have the band tee. Although the latter were previously associated (in my eyes) with 19 year old, long greasy haired men, rushing the stage at a Korn concert.. I have since grown to understand their swift slide into the modern-day glamazon's style file.

Many of these tees have a slogan generally written in French, brazenly stitched across the breast (I often wonder what the tees say in France... Somehow I can't picture the Parisians cruising down the Rue De La Paix wearing a tee that says HELLO...?)

Some have a clever, relatable phrase that almost always includes 'coffee' 'latte' or 'mama.'

These tees are the shiz. They can be dressed up, dressed down, tucked in, worn with skirts, jeans, shorts or heck, I know a bunch of gals wear their's to bed.. AND LOVE THEM. You are just not quite in the cool school until you wear a printed tee under a leopard print coat, tucked into a pair of ripped denims (rileys.obvs.) and some flat white sneakers (Decjuba stocks them too, just quietly).

So there you have it. My (very) long blog post (sorry Google algorythms) written just for you to ensure you have the ULTIMATE in wardrobe staples.

You are welcome.

BTW: at time of publication (June 12 2019 AEDT), Decjuba were having a 50% OFF SALE. GET THERE NOW.

You are welcome x2.

*feel free to hit me up and let me know the true statistic on how many fashion businesses fail.

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