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Celebrity fashion designer Rachel Zoe styles you! (for less than $2 a day)

I am proud, excited and honoured to be affiliated with Queen (in my opinion) Rachel Zoe's Box of Style, luxury fashion and beauty subscription service!

Each season Rachel hand picks high-end luxury essentials from fashion, beauty and homewares categories and assembles them into a box of goodness for us to purchase.

By purchasing a Box of Style you get over $400 worth of beautiful designer goods for about 1/4 of the price. This is not a trick! I swear. I have one coming to me in the mail as I write this post, being that I am in Australia and this is being shipped dutifully to me from the wonderful USA, I will be waiting a touch longer, not so patiently, I might add.

The Box of Style is specially curated to the (USA) current season and is packed full of such beautiful items for their Summer that I am highly considering booking a quick getaway to Fiji so I can escape this Aussie winter and utilise them (good enough excuse yes?)

WARNING: extreme savings information coming to you in 3, 2....1

15% OFF the Box of Style is happening!!! Click the link below (yes, I do get a commission if you purchase, so THANK YOU SO MUCH <3) enter the code SUMMER15 and you get even more designer goodness savings with a further discount (down to USD$84.99!)

In all honesty, Rachel Zoe has been an icon to me for so many years. From way back when she transformed Nicole Richie from the party-loving teen she was, to the beautiful, classically unique business woman she now is. So being able to officially promote Rachel's amazing-ness to you all, has truly had me jumping around my lounge room and freaking out my kids for like a whole day LOL.

I look forward to sharing with you each item as I use them, I'll show you some beautiful styling ideas and write an honest review on each product. So if you would like to stay updated on my Box of Style endeavours, please subscribe now! I honestly and solemnly swear to never spam you, nor fill your inbox with any junk. Also, your email address will not be shared with a single other person or business. All you will get from me is fashion, beauty and lifestyle goodness.

Here's the link again in case you missed it ;-)

xo MC

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