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Freelancing: Why I chose it, and how you can too.

Updated: May 21, 2019

Like many corporates who turn to the freelance dream, I found myself tired of the 9-5, micro-managed overheated in winter and over air-conned in summer type of office setting. I wanted a little more freedom to my working day, but also a lot more satisfaction to the work I was contributing to the world. I also, again like many others, had recently started a family and wanted to be able to split my time a little more evenly between working and spending quality time with my children.

Also. I am a hugely ambitious dreamer type. I have a million and ten ideas that I want to pursue, covering a wide range of things from product developments, apps, new business ventures and even into the scientific research field.

But of all of those dreams, I only have skills to offer in one.

Marketing for businesses. Writing, in particular.

I am a great talker, an avid reader and my writing follows suit. I also have an eye for design and what looks 'good.'

So instead of trying to take over the world in millions of different ways, I instead zoned down into what my actual strengths were and fostered them into a small business of my own.

That, ultimately, is the million dollar tip that you are getting for free. Figure out your strengths (it's actually not quite as simple as it sounds, so take your time, ask friends, family and colleagues what their thoughts are), then take those strengths and look at where they can be used to help others.

For example, my writing strengths help businesses to sell their products. Or they can assist individuals who have all their ideas and thoughts inside their head but when it comes to putting it into text, they find themselve muted. That is what I am good at. This is where I knew I could be of use and make a difference in other people's lives.

And that is why I get paid for it.

Find your strengths, apply them to others problems, solve those problems and offer the service to the people with the problems.

It's that simple. Well it's not simple. It's hard work and it takes time. But it is definitely worth it. When you want to work to live and not live to work, this is your formula for success.

Freelance mum with daughter
Freelancing offers more family time

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