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Constance Hall rallies her Queens for $10,000

Blogger, author and entrepreneur, Constance Hall, is asking for a top up of donations worth $10,000 to go towards her supported charity Rafiki Mwema.

Currently she is ready to hand over $20,000 previously raised from the sales of her Queen The Label fashion business, but she is holding off the donation in the hopes of being able to raise another $10,000 to top it up.

The reason for this is that Con was recently made aware of a young teenage boy in Kenya who has been accused of theft, a crime which could result in him being sentenced to death by fire. This teen, trying to avoid this horrific sentencing has tried to end his own life and has now been placed into a mental health facility in Kenya, which, according to Con, is the worst place to be in that country.

The Rafiki Mwema co-founder has advised Con that they need another $10,000 to boost their efforts in offering the disadvantaged members of the organisation much-needed health care so this doesn’t happen to people like this young Kenyan.

Con is very much in the public eye and has been for many years for her social media blogging where she allowed the public a very personal view of her life. She has been ridiculed for being outspoken, for the way she looks and even how she spells. Love her or loathe her, Con can never be doubted of being a truly authentic woman who seeks meaning and purpose through her endeavours.

She has built a strong community of followers who love her strength and fearless representation of women and particularly mothers. She stands up for what she believes in, makes no excuses or tries to justify her personality, beliefs or morals, nor does she judge anyone else whose beliefs differ to her own.

Is she a saint? I doubt it. But who is?

She is one person using her ability to write and bring people together into a well-meaning community, to try and make some difference to a small part of the world.

Rafiki Mwema is a charity that supports the wellbeing of children who come from abusive homes, they are children who have suffered violently at the hands of others in both physical and sexual assaults. They work to ensure the cycle of abuse is broken, so these children and families can live a happy, healthy and safe existence.

So, is it fair of her to say, hey, thank you for the $20,000 raised through sales of my fashion label, but now we need more?

F-Yes! It is fair. And just. And actually pretty awesome that she has the reach, the ability and has built such a strong following of like-minded people that she can actually feel confident enough to do this.

Con has stated that she will be doubling the proceeds of sales from her Queen the Label brand to help reach the desired $10k mark. She sells clothing, art, skincare and books, they are well priced and if they’re not to your style or taste, they could make great gifts. (I have one of her Mumtum skirts, its absolutely beautiful and cinches that waistline in quite comfortably!)

Con has given everyone here the chance to contribute to something meaningful, something that could hopefully change even just one child’s future. Not everyone is in a position to be able to purchase something just for the sake of helping a charity, but if you are able, this might be a good cause to get behind. Take a look at her website and make your own mind up, I’ve incorporated a link to Rafiki Mwema below as well.

We all have the desire as decent human beings to want to help people when we can. It is part of why we are the most emotionally intelligent creatures on this earth. No matter how big or small the contribution, if we all give just that little bit that we can, change will happen. One day.

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