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Fashion: Why I am making a career out of writing for clothing brands

Updated: May 21, 2019

Fashion is for everyone.

As Ross said to Rachel "I wear clothes, I even pick them out." (you may see a few FRIENDS references throughout my blog. No apologies from me).

Don't ever mistake yourself as someone who does not make 'fashionable' decisions. If you are not wearing the clothes that are deemed as 'fashion' in the media, that does not mean you are not fashionable.

Every single day you wake up and you make a conscious decision about what you are going to wear that day. Even if that decision involves not actually changing out of your pyjamas until 4pm. That is still a fashion decision.

We all have different interpretations as to what looks good, what is deemed as cool, sexy, cute or stylish. No one is right, nor wrong. That is the absolute beauty of fashion.

And that is why I write for clothing brands.

I love that there is a brand out there for everyone's taste, body shape, personal beliefs and moods. I enjoy seeing the way individuals express themselves through the clothes they wear. And I absolutely adore the way clothing brands can 100% understand their target customer and offer them exactly what they need to feel comfortable, happy or cute or classy.

High fashion model with shopping bags
High fashion is just one of the amazing types of clothing brands

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